I’m Used to Feelin’ That Fire

I keep feeling like I’m overdue for a post here, but every time I open up the page to write something new, I find myself drawing a blank. Where is there to say that I haven’t said ad nauseum already over the past few months? The world’s on fire and the civic situation feels more and more hopeless with each passing day. I’m behind on everything I should be doing and accomplishing less than I should in every aspect, particularly work. Blah blah blah insert the same complaints from the past year of journal posts here.

The one thing I have been keeping up with is my photo journal and photos stats, both over at life. They updated on time at the beginning of last month, and I was thinking this was the first time I failed to make a timely journal post announcing the update, but I’d also apparently failed at that with the end-of-April update this year, so c’est la vie. Or whatever. That’s probably not even the correct use of that expression.

I missed my cousin’s wedding because the world’s over COVID and so plane travel is even more unsafe than it was at any point during the actual pandemic. It would have been nice to be there, and been a nice trip, and generally just been nice. I feel bad about missing it, and should be angry at the world of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers and science deniers in general for denying me the wedding, and denying me indoor dining, and denying me travel in general… but I just can’t rustle up the energy anymore. So instead, I’m just sad.

I guess the last sentence of my last post ended up being remarkably prescient.

So things just… are. Which is better than some alternatives, but worse than others.