We’re in the process of moving. I swear life hates me.

Friday was interesting. Went to Boriss’ place for fireworks, but ended up not being able to see anything… the three fireworks shows were either hidden behind some buildings, behind some trees, or behind the fog. Instead there were a bunch of people in the park lighting their own fireworks (some of which were actual large fireworks) from on top of a cooler… which freaked me out enough that I didn’t want to stick around and have fireworks shot at me. Overall, I had a nice time, but it was still kind of a disappointment. I should have done more with my day off of work.

Yesterday was crap. We moved some stuff in the morning to our new apartment, but didn’t get very much. Went to Nick’s birthday thing afterward and got slightly (at least only very slightly) burned. Decided to leave early to move some stuff to the new apartment…
Since I don’t have a bus pass anymore, I had to pay fare and get a transfer… however, the transfer I received was only good for 90 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours (or more). This was still enough time for me to get home and then do one round trip to the new place, so it was fine.
I must’ve gotten the worst muni driver ever. Traffic close to Fillmore was terrible (due to the Jazz Festival going on) and the bus was in a right-turn lane (to drop passengers off… munis can ignore turn lanes most of the time, apparently). However, instead of going around the traffic (like the 3 or 4 other buses that passed us) the driver decided to wait in the lane until we got to the stop. This took 15 minutes (to go a little over a block) with no opportunity to get off the bus and walk.
Ran home and grabbed stuff and ran to the stop just in time to miss 4 back-to-back-to-back-to-back munis. Awesome. Waited for another bus for about 20 minutes, then realized I wasn’t going to make it there and back in the remaining time on my transfer, so I gave up.

That evening Boriss was awesome and helped me move stuff. Managed to get basically everything over there (minus my computer desk and chair) in one trip. Left the new place feeling much better about the whole thing.

Afterward went to see Wall-E at the theatre in Japantown (amazing movie, by the way) and paid $13.50 for a ticket… or at least I should have. They somehow screwed up and charged my credit card 3 times, so I actually paid $40.50 for a ticket. Epic fail.

Today hasn’t been much better. Em was planning on having people over to our new place, and I was going to take the opportunity to use her bus pass to move more stuff over, but no one ended up coming (except Keith, who left about an hour after he got here… poor Keith) and so that was epic failure.

Tomorrow is work and moving the larger items (mostly Em’s stuff) by U-Haul. Knowing my luck with things something that should take maybe 2 hours will end up taking 5 and I’m going to miss a lot of work. Bleh.

PSO also hasn’t been going terribly well. One item that I was looking for (magic rock Moola, for anyone who plays) took over 70 runs of a quest (Towards the Future) to obtain a couple weeks ago. Today, one of my friends wanted to look for one and got it on the second run. Alas, that seems to always be the case with me and rares. Unfortunate.

I hope I can get more done at work tomorrow so I actually feel like I can do *something* right.

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