Common Courtesy

When an old man on the bus (who is standing because there are no seats for him) accidentally steps on your foot during the usual flurry of activity that happens at a bus stop and then apologizes… it is not appropriate to retaliate by stepping on his foot and, when he doesn’t notice, to step again, harder, for 5 seconds, glare at him, and sarcastically apologize. It is then even more assholish to lecture him on how, “When people are wearing their expensive clothes and shoes, you don’t step on their feet with your shitty sneakers that you probably got for like $5.” and curse loudly as you get off at the next stop.

If you are a homeless person in filthy, smelly clothes and you are going to come into a Mexican restaurant and steal food from their salsa bar (which has stuff like pickled radishes and carrots), it is not appropriate to push people at the bar aside, reach over their uncovered food so that your sleeves are all over it, and grab multiple handfuls of food with your visibly dirty bare hands… especially if you glare at everyone standing there afterwards as if they were in your way.

It is also not appropriate to force the back doors of a bus to open (by reaching through the gap between the closed doors and pressing the bar) so you can board without paying, particularly if you are again a filthy, smelly, homeless person who will then subject the people there to your stench.

I hate the world and everyone in it. It’s like today is just adding up to be one huge mess after another.
What the hell is wrong with people?

One thought on “Common Courtesy

  1. I suppose these are three separate incidents? But yes, some people are amazingly… arrogant? Rude anyway. I want to tell you a story about someone being uncommonly helpful, and I know that I have witnessed some, but I can’t at the moment remember them. But I can tell you Tuesday was an amazingly good day for me (maybe it’s the time difference) because I got three job offers, a manager at Apple who remembered me and put in a few good words for me during my interview with the supervisor, and I had gathered the gumption to ask a girl I was fond to get ice cream. Wednesday was much worse, but maybe you guessed that.

    Did a homeless guy really just bust into a restaurant and beeline it to the salad bar? Did anyone from the restaurant make him leave? And the commuting incidents… I especially feel for the old man, and wonder what has put such a mood into the assholian (and apparently well dressed?) person who got in the big huff.

    I could say more, but I’m just rambling, and it’s your journal, lol. G’night.

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