Happy birthing day to me…

…I am twenty three.
(No, actually, that’s a lie.)

The house exists and is a thing and has furniture and stuff inside of it. And on Saturday it had people (25 people, at one point) inside of it. It’s large enough that it never felt full during that time, even with simultaneous games happening in the living room (Nertz), dining room (Betrayal), basement (Agricola), and second-floor office (Bohnanza). We could have had another game going in the library too, probably. (Contrast that to our apartment where we hosted probably a dozen people last Carnival, and it felt so overfull that it was uncomfortable.)

(Not pictured: Dan, Yubin, Matt, Michael, Maja)

But I had a birthday party on Saturday, and a ton of people made it out, and it was awesome. Yubin made a post-birthday-song speech for me thanking everyone for coming out and put really nice words in my mouth. :) I’m super lucky and blessed to have so many friends and an awesome house to host them all in.

Anyway, house!

More photos are here.

I think the only pending thing at the house at this point is getting internet access and cleaning the bathroom (and getting a shower curtain for it). Otherwise it’s move-in ready… we actually spent the night there on both Friday and Saturday and it was fine other than having to come back to the apartment for showers.

Yay house. :D

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