Credit carrdddsss

Argh credit cards. Argh

I placed an order earlier this month online (at for some custom playing cards for our wedding. I used the usual online temporary credit card number stuff I use, because it’s more secure. The preauthorization for the cards went through fine.

Yesterday, the order ships. But due to some temp card number stuff, the charge fails. (Of course, they don’t actually notify me of this… I actually have to call theknot and explicitly inquire about it.) So I call them, and apparently they can’t actually change the credit card information used for an invoice. Which is the most bizarre thing for an online merchant. (Can’t update billing information? Really?)

So I call my bank. They said that the charge is indeed not going through, but while looking at my account, they see some fraudulent charges from Brazil. So card cancelled, new card issued… it’s supposed to arrive next week.

So I call theknot back. Explain the situation to them, and they insist that they can’t change the number and they will keep reattempting the charge. (No idea why they expect it to work after it’s already been rejected, especially since it’s now against a cancelled card.) They say it’s up to me to contact the bank to get the charge to go through.

So I contact the bank, who has no idea what theknot is talking about, because of course the charge should be rejected. So we get on a three-way call, and apparently the person who can make things work is out until Monday.

So that’s where we stand now after about an hour of back-and-forth and being on hold. I just want to pay for these stupid playing cards, dammit. Why do you make this so hard for me? :(

I think the lesson here is just to stop using temp credit card numbers. I’m not liable for fraud anyway, so who cares if my real credit card number is flying around the internet? It’d make things less stupid for me, anyway.