Well, I’m back “home,” whatever that means.
I always have the problem of forgetting what I used to do with my free time whenever I start break. Then, by the end, I don’t want the break to end because I’ve found things to do again. Hmm.

I’ve been working a bit on Student Wars v2. The base set is finished… I should get around to posting it.

Pat came over yesterday. It was nice catching up with him and watching him play Metroid Prime. I don’t know… for most games, I still find it more interesting to watch people play than to actually play. It really annoys people back in Pittsburgh when I used to (blah, past tense… bad!) prefer to watch them play board games than to participate. I dunno.

Interesting thought: I’ve been re-reading some of my journal, and it seems that my mood (averaged over each week or so to allow for particularly bad/good days) fluctuates depending on my relationship status. I suppose this isn’t all that terribly surprising since I always thought that it was important for me to have a relationship (not for the sake of having one, but because I need someone to care for and to have someone care for me)… but having experienced one brief fling of romance and currently being in an amazingly perfect, committed relationship allows me to reflect back on all of this with less bias, I suppose.
I dunno.
I guess that’s a way of saying I have been contentedly happy for the past 8.5 months, and that not even distance can ruin that (too much, at least).

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