CtFwRM, jobs, kernel, and foo

Today was the bi-annual game of Capture the Flag with Stuff made more fun by the addition of a certain author of a certain webcomic.
So yeah, I guess it would be more accurate to say there was Capture the Flag with Randall Munroe.
Basically, he came to campus to give a talk and was invited to CtFwS, and stopped by and sat in the judges’ room and talked with people.
I got a photo of myself with him and also got him to sign a t-shirt for me. Awesome. The guy is absolutely brilliant.

I hope I didn’t annoy him too incredibly much with photos.

On the jobs front, in addition to the 5 offers, I completed a Google Pittsburgh interview today, am doing another second round phone interview with Apple sometime next week, and am flying out to Yahoo! for their final round after Thanksgiving. This is generally awesome and amazing. I dunno, I guess it’s still too early to think about jobs, since I need to get unstressed after kernel first, but I can say I’m definitely leaning certain ways.

On the kernel front, I’m feeling much better about things since my last entry. A bit after I wrote that entry, we managed to get wait and exit working, and started running tests… we pass enough basic tests to pass the kernel project, and we only need to pass one more solidity test (out of three unpassed) and one of the two cho tests to pass the kernel. This makes me feel much, much better about the entire thing, because the end is now in sight. Granted, there’s a ton of work to do between now and then (a scheduler rewrite, a shit-ton of race condition bugs to debug, and code to clean up and document), but at least I have some concrete way of showing that we’ve made progress, and that’s awesome.

So yeah, if anyone missed the links above…
Randall Munroe photos (from his talk and CtFwS afterwards)
Capture the Flag with Stuff photos from this semester’s game

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  1. I’m totally bummed that Randall didn’t actually play. The way he talked, it sounded like he wanted to, but too much chaos would ensue if he did.

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