Recent life

Life has been odd lately.

Monday night was coding until 7 AM. Tuesday night was another all-nighter, coding until the checkpoint on Wednesday morning. Then was more coding until Wednesday night, when I tried to get a decent amount of sleep. Still, it wasn’t enough, since I had to get up for work at 7 and ended up leaving early because I was starting to have trouble reading lines of code like “x = 5;”

Also, in the past 2 days, I have received two job offers. One is with a company I really, really like (in California), and will likely take unless something better comes up, or unless I decide to remain in Pittsburgh. I dunno.

Wheee things have been so surreal lately… likely due to the recent lack of sleep.
Here’s looking forward to late November, when I can start getting back to a normal sleep schedule.

Edit: Continuing the trend of not getting enough sleep, it is now almost 2:30 AM and I’m coding. Wheee.

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