Busy, busy, busy

Let’s start off on a good note…
I played lots of ITG today.

This makes me very happy (my first ever double star).

Academic things are slightly less good…

Worked a ton on our Networks project today. It is now 3:30 AM and I’m still coding. I probably won’t get to sleep tonight. Meh. I keep feeling bad, like Mike is doing all the work and I’m just writing bad stuff that he has to go back and fix later. I dunno.
I did write various tree-construction functions though (with Dijkstra’s, which is a pain to implement in C, especially when your graph is implemented as a linked list of nodes with ints of destination ids), and I suppose they work, but coding past midnight is probably never good for writing sane code.
Note to self: start the next project sooner, dammit.
I also need to finish up graph theory homework (a rather difficult set) and develop the two rolls of film I shot today. All of this must be done tomorrow (networks is due Thursday, graph theory and film are due Monday).

On top of that, Casino Royale at McConomy was cancelled today. ‘Tis a shame… I was looking forward to it too. At least there was still a bunch of yummy free food at the UC.

Backtracking a bit, I shot flashlight portraits of Alisa and Valerie today in the studio. The digitals came out decently (could’ve been better), but I don’t know how the film came out yet (I have to develop it; see above). Alisa and Val are awesome subjects, and have good suggestions too.

Lots of other stuff has happened since the last post that I’ve wanted to post about, but I can’t seem to remember any of it right now except that my new (awesome) flip phone is here and it makes me happy. It replaces my old phone (alluded to in the previous entry), which was awesome but too small, which was inconvenient for loud rooms (since my mouth was 4 inches away from the bottom of the phone). Whee.
You should poke me for the number, if interested.

There was a Pittsburgh job fair logical yesterday. I went. Not many people seemed interested in me, as usual. Meh. I feel like I have so much potential as a potential intern…. I wish companies would give me a chance. This doesn’t bode well for my getting a job after graduation in under a year.

Back to coding…

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