So I took the week off for a (much needed) vacation to visit Tim in Connecticut.

The Amtrak trip over was really, really nice. Totally stress-free compared to airports. The views were amazing (although maybe I’m just jaded about airborne pictures since I fly so much), the seats had a ton of legroom (I could stretch out my legs horizontally!), there were power outlets, and I could use any electronic device (and my phone) at any time.

The only slightly stressful part was Penn Station in NYC, which is one of the busiest places I’ve ever been, but even that initial feeling of being overwhelmed turned into a sense of adventurism (that’s totally a word) once I left the arrivals floor and got to the main floor.

Time at Tim’s has been filled with lots of games and awesome. Ian is here now, and Keith will be joining us later this week.

Last night we went to Sushi Palace, an all-you-can-eat place that isn’t a traditional buffet… you put down orders for plates of food or sushi on slips of paper, and they bring them out to you, freshly made. I ate a ton of sushi (and a ton of eel), but it was so good.

Yay vacation.

3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. You were in the busy/less pretty part of Penn Station. If you’d gone off to the left of where you were standing and down the hall towards the MSG entrance, to your right you would have found a quieter, prettier waiting area with a big behind-glass rotating piece of art that’s really fun to sit and watch.

  2. That’s awesome. Sounds like a great time. Penn Station was really confusing when I was in NYC, and I never got the Subway down the whole time I was there heh.

    Anyway, I hope your trip remains awesome! Make sure to keep us updated with your awesome pictures!

  3. Hm, you had to transfer through New York? Somehow I thought it was Philadelphia. Either way, glad to see you made it to Tim’s OK and are having fun! Say hi to everyone for me!

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