When everything goes wrong

It’s only 10:30 AM and it’s already been a day full of unhappiness. Primarily in KoL.

I was on day 8 of my ascension (of what really should have been a 7 day, but still). DD screw meant I was short a key (two Boris, one Sneaky Pete, and one breath spray), so I had to open the DoD and get a wand (which I don’t do in Bees runs, since you don’t need the bang potions). Completed the battlefield with around 70 adventures remaining (after filling stomach, spleen, and drunkness), which should have been plenty. Except getting the wand took around 55 adventures. Spent an adventure making a disco banjo, The hedge maze decided to screw me, requiring 8 maps to pass (despite perfect solving of the puzzle). Tower took the expected 6. My last adventure was spent defeating my shadow (also did the familiars, but they don’t take an adventure), meaning I was left at 0 adventures ready to face the Sorceress. With no way to generate more turns. Sigh.

The worst part is it’s really my fault. I had two misclicks during the nuns (readventuring instead of healing), causing two beaten ups, wasting two turns of +400% meat buffs, which really probably ended up costing around 4 or 5 turns. Misclicked when trying to buy more MMJ, accidentally spending an adventure instead. Misclicked twice on the battlefield, getting beaten up and losing that adventure. Any of those being different would have meant I’d have the single adventure I need, including not running the DD again today hoping for the last key.

On the plus side, this at least means I’ll have plenty of adventures tomorrow to level to 14 and grab Flavour of Magic as intended. (Would have also been okay without DD screw, but meh.)

In my frustration with this, I had also completely forgotten the reason for getting up early in the first place… to check in to my flight tomorrow. As a result, I checked in well over 30 minutes after the starting time, and got the boarding number B56. Which means I’ll be stuck in a middle seat on the long flight from Pittsburgh to Phoenix (then to San Francisco) tomorrow. Sigh.

Additionally, today is the West Virginia walk. I ended up not going, and now regret not going. Sigh.

Now I’m not in the mood to work on Investigations cards, meaning the game is not going to be playtestable for my trip to SF, meaning it won’t get playtested until next month when I go to Tim’s. Sigh.

Edit: Joined up with the West Virginia people after lunch, only to bail about 3.5 hours later because it was way too hot. In doing so, managed to completely forget that today was Lilli’s birthday celebration and missed that too. Fail.

One thought on “When everything goes wrong

  1. Southwest still boards in three groups, right? (A, B, C) As long as you’re <=B, it shouldn’t be at all likely that you get forced into a center seat. 2/3 of the plane isn’t center seats, and anybody not flying alone will probably want a flying partner next to them in the center seat, further increasing your likelihood of not sitting in the center. (the only thing that makes it mathematically *possible* you would have to take a center seat is people preboarding before “A,” and they’d have to also not take center seats.)

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