Well, crap

A few months back (April 30, to be exact), I did a small overhaul of the monsters and items in CMU adventures. I wanted to make the early game easier so you weren’t eating all of your equipment or keeping one enemy alive to use for healing. Made the changes, uploaded the monster definition files over the existing ones, didn’t think much of it.

Cue today when I get an email saying the game is broken because “monster 37” doesn’t exist. I look and, sure enough, there is no definition for that monster… nothing after monster 32 exists. But strangely, the room definition files do know about 37. And there is an image for monster 37. And 36. And 35. And… oh shit.

So apparently, in doing my overhaul, I did not have the most up-to-date version of the code. As such, a lot of the post-boss content (all of the Cohort and their associated items, mainly) got wiped from the game. The worst part is that I can’t seem to find a backup of these files, so it looks like it’s truly gone.

Since it’s now 12:45 and I really should be sleeping, I took the easiest solution and reuploaded the entire game based on the version I have locally. It isn’t ideal, but it should at least prevent issues with broken monster and item references. People with older accounts may be broken because the item database is also screwed up now (or, really, was broken with the April 30 update). But those people beat the game up to what existed then anyway, so that matters less.

I suppose this is a good opportunity to work on the new game I haven’t touched since before moving from San Francisco and leave this one up as some sort of historical archive.

So, in conclusion… always make backups of files before you wipe them out as part of a major overhaul. Blah.

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