Today was tasty brunch with Sharon, Charles, Matt, Ally, Mark, and Leah. We made scrambled eggs and omelets and hard-boiled eggs and bacon and french toast and bacon/cucumber sandwiches. And mimosas. Lots and lots of mimosas. Two bottles of champagne and two cartons of orange juice worth of mimosas. Om nom nom nom.

Photos have been uploaded to photos 2 as part of the huge random batch (and the random photos from portraits have also been moved into photos2).

Here’s a bunch of photos of Ally’s reaction to the Gay Bar music video (NSFW).

Does anyone else remember her awesome quotes? I can’t recall any.

One thought on “Mimosas!

  1. “I didn’t know Lincoln was a pole dancer! …actually, he’s pretty good at it.” “I’d never thought of a salt shaker as phallic before.”

    Also something about the many, many hands in the bathtub and a comment about the rubber ducky.

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