The past couple days have been filled with parties and food and friends and awesome.

Thursday night was the Dev PPL Potluck at Nate’s house. There was a lot of really good food.

Last night was the Salesforce company party which was spectacular as always. Last year’s was a little better, but that’s primarily because it was held at the Academy of Sciences, where there were tons of exhibits to wander around in, whereas this year’s mostly involved live music and a dance floor.

There was, of course, an abundance of excellent food and an open bar. Had 4 drinks in the first 45 minutes, sipped a fifth over about another half hour, then stopped drinking for a couple hours, finishing with two more drinks before closing. Probably more alcohol than I should have had, but I didn’t get drunk, and was actually completely sober afterward. Not bad.

Afterward we went to Sharon’s for “drunken” rock band, except none of us were drunk. Things got interesting though when Brett took a half-dozen shots (which would be fine on its own, as he’s a very mellow drunk… he just starts failing expert vocals on Rock Band) and Matt came home drunk. There are photos of the resulting chaos; which includes such things as Matt spilling water all over Sharon, Charles spilling water all over Matt and a just-changed Sharon, Matt eating chips and spilling most of them all over Sharon, Brett singing “A Whole New World” while Matt joins in singing about bowls of sour cream and fat, Matt getting his head caught in the blinds, and Matt loudly singing along to “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and jumping around the apartment; but I don’t think I’m allowed to post them. :P
Drunk people are funny.

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