Matt, Katrina, and I went to the zoo this weekend. The first animal we saw was an ostrich, which proceeded to turn its butt towards us and pee, and then poop. Other animals throughout the day also did so, including a rhino who sprayed pee all over the metal bars of its enclosure. It was very odd. We also saw them feed the penguins, which was awesome. Apparently the chick of the two gay penguins is named “Chuck Norris”…?

I have been playing PSO again. I miss having friends on there to play with, because public games are full of greedy and/or incompetent people. Blah. On the plus side, 3 level 80+ Fomars (I’m 150) versus vhard TTF = massive pwnage. There was gifoie everywhere. Vol Opt’s first form died in literally 15 seconds (one set of screens and a couple pillars was all that got destroyed). Yay for spellcasters.

Workwise, we moved buildings this weekend. I am not a fan of the new place. The kitchen is tiny (and there’s only one, versus the three in the old building), the bathroom is tiny (and there are huge gaps in the stall walls so you pretty much see someone sitting on the toilet when you walk into the bathroom), and there are only two conference rooms. Meh. Hopefully it will grow on me.

One thought on “Zoooo

  1. Haha animals are so funny!

    I love those two penguins– I used to tell about them in my Intro to Psych class. I read an article online saying that they broke up though :-(. Is it true?!

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