Work, day 33

So my equation parser now seems to work very well. The extraction of parts seems to work in almost all cases. It’s now just a matter of getting it to correctly interpret signs, which is actually really annoting (the extractor is already at over 3000 lines, and that’s just the part that extracts… not the classifier or preprocessing for extraction or tagging for extraction).
Also got systems parsing (i.e. You work at a job that makes $5/hour and you would get a bonus of $200. You could get a new job that makes $7/hour.) working relatively well. It was annoying getting it to work correctly with years (things like “In 1916, there were…”).
Overall though, I’m happy with my parser.

Passed two more 10-rating songs in ITG today-Hispanic Panic with a B and Bend Your Mind with a B-. I actually really like Bend Your Mind… the steps it in seem completely random and stuff, but it has hands (which I love), and it has amazingly fun (but difficult) crossover holds. Wheeee.
Also came close to an S+ in Land of the Rising Sun (93.39%).

Currently at Alan and Shawn’s house watching movies. Tomorrow is stuff with Tim at his apartment. Sunday is Yearbook proofing. The following week is my last week of work. Time is really flying by…

Ben playing doubles:

You meet the most awesome people playing ITG… this makes three people now I’ve met through ITG.