Spending PlaidCa$h…

Um yeah, so I’ve spent around $240 in the past 5 hours, but don’t worry, it wasn’t my money. I had around $470 in PlaidCa$h earlier today, so tonight I decided to splurge. Went to Joe Mamas, bought pies and goodies at Eat n’ Park, bought drinks at Starbucks, and went to Murray Avenue Grill (the most expensive place that took the money) for dinner. Had their Seared Ahi Tuna Steak (the third most expensive thing on their menu, after the beef steaks and ribs). Oh god… it was so yummy. Ahhhh. I definetly want to go back sometime.

So this is what it’s like to be rich. Heh… I guess I’m glad then that I’m poor, because I’ve eaten wayyyy too much today.

Work today went well. Decided to ignore the inaccuracies of classification for now and start on extraction. Spent about 3 hours in the morning figuring out how the hell to parse points out of a word problem (i.e. “The candle was 5 inches long after having burned for 2 minutes. After 8 minutes, it was 3 inches long.” contains the points [5,2] and [3,8]). After that was figured out, extracting the equation for two-points problems was relatively straightforward. Extracting from standard then took me the afternoon (had to figure out how to extract an explicit slope i.e. “He drove 40 miles an hour and has already driven 20 miles” has the slope 40). So yeah, extraction for *most* of standard and for *most* of two-points now works. Yayyy!
Two down, 7 (harder ones) to go…

I think I’m getting sick. My throat hurts. That’s not good.
*drinks yummy Starbucks passion iced tea to soothe throat*
*eats fried tortilla chips to irritate throat*
*starts on my second blackberry pie*

Carla is in the cubicle next to me at work. She is off this week on vacation.

I had nothing to do with this. At all. Yeah.

Took some artistic shots today downtown, but I’m too lazy to photoshop them and foo, so you lose.

The current condition of the world (N. Korea, the Middle East, etc) should worry me more than it does… meh. I remain relatively blissfully unaware of stuff… all I know is they have missles and the area is exploding (respectively to the two).
I’m glad I don’t watch TV or read news sites or newspapers.

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  1. Um…. Wow. That tin foil is scary O.O

    And you shouldn’t worry about North Korea. Their nukes will only be able to reach the western united states. And we could wipe them out in an instant. My inner pacifist is screaming, but North Korea is messed up. ’nuff said.

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