Work, day 14

Old pic of Munin… but I like the way it turned out. His eyes (at least in the pic) were the same color as his shirt. Kinda crazy.

I guess that’s kinda hard to see at this resolution. Meh. Whatever. It looks really good full-size.
Maybe I should crop it closer… meh.

I kinda like the way the two pictures have totally different feels to them.
I think I’ve found stuff to print to use up my summer printing quota :D Yay for photoshopped pictars.

Vincent made a nice desktop pattern of me. Meh. With all the pictures of myself I’ve been posting lately, maybe I’m becoming narcisstic…

Work was productive today. Accuracy on some of the classifiers is still severely lacking (I think I got 40%/57% for recall/precision for one of the classifiers). Will play around with them more to improve that tomorrow. I think I just need more training examples.

Um… I’ve been incredibly hungry today. Are a big lunch (and part of Pooja’s). Had a sandwich and some cookies. Had a burger. Then went to Eat n’ Park with dlstern and Jordan and had another meal. And had a dish of sherbert. And I’m still hungry. Meh.

Work, day 10

Whee today was really eventful…

So the morning was really unproductive. I spent it tinkering with my basic text parser to parse the samples into individual “training” files with the correct annotations, and failing miserably. Tinkered with MinorThird stuff and failed at understanding it. Also wrote a huge introspective LJ entry that made me feel a lot better about myself (again)… amazing how writing can help you deal with things, even if it’s not stuff anyone will ever (or will ever have the chance to) read.

Had lunch with Pooja again, and got delicious cookies. Then came back to campus to meet with Quinten (the research programmer)… in about 2 hours, I clarified the problem for him (he was misunderstanding the inputs and such), and we came up with a plan for me to tackle the task… so now I know what I’m doing Monday (and, if I feel motivated enough, this weekend). He’s amazing.

Plan of attack:
Write a pre-processor to do initial tagging of inputs (training data included) and manually annotate training data and write a Mixup program to tag numbers. Use this to extract numbers and given units. Also use it to train classifiers for the conversion type and the given column. Save said classifiers and build a parser that utilizes them when given new unlabelled input. Get MinorThird’s GUI running on my computer at work so all this is possible.

So yeah, I’m feeling a lot better about work… and life in general is still amazing and happy.
I knew I could do it :)

It’s weird… there are people all around me in relationships and hooking up (even in our small group of interns)… and for once, I’m not jealous. I don’t feel left out. It’s a good feeling.
I am missing a certain someone though… a lot… but that’s okay.

Also, I am covered in mosquito bites right now, but it was so worth it. A bunch of KGB peoples went to Frick park (funny… I work in the Frick building downtown), and we had a huge campfire complete with marshmallows, bad stories, and friends. I have pictars up in photos

Went to Eat n’ Park with bohanlon afterward too. Wheee.

My iTunes library has had its biggest infusion of new music in a while. Between the $25 of music from the gift card, and the Cascada CD I ripped from Ally today, there’s over 40 new songs in my library, which is now at 1648 songs. Yay music!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with my artistic shots lately…
I like this a lot better than the full-color one

Ditto with this one (original)

Dunno… it draws your attention more to the relevant parts, and I really like the contrast.

Hmmm… in this one, I think it hurts the overall image more than it helps (original here)… dunno… you just lose the warmth of the fire when you don’t see its light on the other people…

Life is good :)

Work, day 9

Yeah, so today I met with one of the research programmers working on MinorThird. The more I try and understand how the hell to use M3 with this project, the more confused I get. From my impressions today, it looks like I’m going to have to more or less scrap the stuff I’ve done this week and start over with an M3 implementation…. and I have to figure out how to get it to do what I want it to do.
I mean like, I understand on a conceptual level what I have to do. I understand what needs to happen and, more or less, how to make it happen. I’m just confused about specifics… like how to create samples to train the classifiers with… how to call the classifiers… how to deal with their output… how to write code utilizing M3 classes… that kind of stuff.
Oh well. I am confident in my skills, and I’m sure I can understand this stuff. I just need some time to mess with it. I mean, this is hard stuff… I’m actually kind of impressed with myself that I’ve even gotten this far.
And no big deal about scrapping what I currently have. It runs slow as hell, and I’ve learned a lot from doing it, so it was a good experience nonetheless. I mean, worst case, I don’t get M3 working and I have what I’ve already written, which works on many, many cases (something like 74% of inputs).

You get three photos today, because yay.
OSC, more blown up!

Flowers…. love the colors… and omg depth of field!! *drools*
Isn’t it interesting how, when they’re in focus, they look light purple… but then when they blur they turn darker? Amazing…

Orbit! It just looked so out of place there… I love the contrast of it against the rest of the scene. In the full-sized picture, the background is more noticibly out-of-focus, which draws your attention more to the gum… so yeah.

Why is the world so beautiful? There’s just so much to photograph and look at and enjoy.

Um, so yeah.
Life is good.

Edit: Recipe for what I had for dinner today… it was surprisingly good
Alan’s college-style spinach salad
Ingredients: One package ready-to-eat spinach (whole leaf), 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, 2 single-serving size boxes of raisins, 1 cup Cheerios (optional).
Directions: Pour cheese and raisins into bag of spinach. Shake until throughly mixed and spinach leaves are covered with cheese. Enjoy. Add Cheerios to the salad for a nice crunch.