I mostly just wanted to post that life has gotten an update, since I said I’d post when it does. It’s a small-ish one (a month and a half) but meh. Yay life.

I received my awesome new 50mm f/1.8 lens on Monday, and shot some portraits of Will on Tuesday with it (which can be viewed at portraits). I’m really happy with it… I get awesome shutter speeds indoors and awesome depth of field to boot. Yay lens.

This weekend should be fun. There will be games and awesomeness and I’ll hopefully get to take more photos. Yay fun.

Work has been fun this week. I’ve been doing a bit more dev work this week (the past few weeks have mostly been writing automated tests or working on issues related to the recent release), and it feels good to be writing new code (rather than testing code) again. Yay coding.

I’ve also been attempting to get more exercise, and I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m up to 15 minutes straight running at 6.2mph now, improved from approximately 6 minutes when I started a few weeks ago. I should start doing more of the weight machines and stuff too. Yay exercise.

I’ve been working on a new card game. Right now it’s just the templates for the game, but I’m pretty happy with the way they came out (thanks to Ian, Tim, and Ben for giving feedback). Yay cards.

This turned out to be a longer entry than I was expecting. Yay rambling.

Edit: I was bored and felt like some photoshopping.
Original here.

I’m a fan of the blue background.
The metal in his zipper is bothering me. I should do something about that.
I also think that it’s funny how his face looks so much lighter against the yellow than the blue background, even though I made no changes to anything other than the background.

Meme photos and food

Here’s the photos from the last meme.


I wasn’t happy with the way this came out, so I did this instead.


I dunno, I’m still not entirely happy with them. Meh.

I got my 50mm f/1.8 lens today. It takes awesome photos. I’ll shoot some portraits tomorrow with it.

Also, I have been buying and making cheap, tasty food lately. Yesterday I threw carrots, celery, and onions into a pot with some soy sauce, sugar, and chicken drumsticks, and simmered the entire thing for 30 minutes. It was very tasty.
Last week I breaded chicken breasts and baked them with ragu and cheese. Nom nom.
I might try marinating drumsticks in orange juice tomorrow. That sounds like it could be tasty or end in utter disaster.

My last three Safeway trips have had savings of 51%, 53%, and 50%, with items such as: 6 bagels for $1.50, whole wheat bread for $1.50, tomatoes for $0.98/lb, avocados at $0.67/each, large bin of baby spinach for $1.99, 2 liter soda free after coupon, chicken drumsticks at $0.99/lb, potatoes at $1.97 for 10 pounds, white onions at $1.00 for 3 pounds, baby carrots for $1.00, Raisin Bran for $0.99, Ragu sauce at $0.99, and Minute Maid orange juice for $1.99. Yay cheap and tasty groceries.

Moar Photoshoop da whooping

As before, click the images to make them bigger.


Played around with lighting a little, desaturated his (annoying) shoes, pulled out his eyes, colorized his hair to burgundy.


Applied an outline filter to the entire image and erased out her skin, then erased with partial transparency for her clothes.

I should tag more photos or something. Maybe tomorrow.

More Photoshopping

Life has gotten craptchas, as per the comment thread on yesterday’s journal entry. They’re just text, and they’re totally optional anyway. Woo. Not linking life because it hasn’t gotten any significant updates.

The meme photos made me feel like working around more with Photoshop, so I did some of that today.

The goal in all of these wasn’t to significantly change the image but rather accentuate (and/or enhance) the subject.

Click any of the images. They get bigger (since I’m rather happy with the way some of them came out, and a 400px image doesn’t do them justice… then again the 800px versions again aren’t nearly as good as the 3000px originals, so iono).


Changed his shirt color to match his eyes, pulled out the color of his eyes some more, muted and mushed the background a bit (solarize, invert, various blurs).


Applied a slightly grainy filter to the background to dull it out, and also desaturated portions of it (because Em’s bright red hard drive was rather distracting). Jayne herself is untouched.

Applied some noise and grain filters to the blanket and desaturated Em’s (rather distracting) arm.


This is one of my favorite portraits of him. Intensified his eye color. Slightly blurred and muted his shirt and camera, as well as the background. Also removed color from the background.

Pittsburgh Skyline:

I already loved this photo (the original basically looked like this), except the lightness of the sky somewhat bothered me. Greatly darkened both the sky and the water and drew out the reflected colors a little more (not much though, because they were already quite intense). The buildings themselves are untouched.

I may have to play around some more tomorrow. The walrus Toms are just begging to be played with. I don’t know how well it’ll work though, since all manipulated images thus far have been without the harsh lighting from a flash.

In other life things, Safeway had a huge sale on crap, so I bought some pop tarts, bread, and fruit snacks for $1/item. The cashier scanned the fruit snacks twice but forgot to scan the tomato, so I guess it all works out in the end. Then there was fresh guacamole (with the avocado I had left over from last week) and gin and tonics with Brewer, who came up to SF to return Em’s laptop.

Also, unrelatedly, I just upgraded the WordPress installation (wow, the admin center looks completely different). Let me know if you see any problems or have issues.

Meme images

Life has gotten another decently-sized update. CMU itself is tagged through the beginning of the 2007-2008 year, so one more semester and I will have all photos from where life currently ends to the present tagged. That will be awesome.
Also, the captcha is removed from commenting because Tim pointed out it was silly to have a password-protected site with captchas.

Here are the photos from the meme that I owed people. I wasn’t terribly happy with the way they came out, so I did a bit of photomanip to each one as well.


I did more manipulation to this than may be initially obvious. I pulled out the colors of each of the flowers in different ways.


I played around with colors a lot on this one because the shot itself was really boring.


The significance behind this one is more subtle. I really wanted to take photos of something music-related, but had no idea where in San Francisco this could happen. The manip on this one is the classic monochrome-of-background, but I like how it’s not glaringly obvious.

I will also email full-sized copies to each person.

Edit: New Year’s photos have been posted on photos 2. Today was a very photo-y day.
Also, om nom nom nom?